The Beauty Shop Presents: Bedrooms and Basements

by Bedrooms & Basements

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All the songs on this album were recorded in Appleseed Studios, in the basement of The Bonnell Building below The Beauty Shop, or in a bedroom hidden away in Fairfield, Iowa.


released June 4, 2011

Produced and Engineered by Jonathan Natera and Philip Rabalais.
Additional Production by Nate Headrick, David Murphy, Dominic Rabalais, Joey Del Re, W. Travis, and Owen Blake.
Masterin by Ryan at The Maniac Mansion.
Album Art by Hilary Nelson.



all rights reserved


Bedrooms & Basements Fairfield, Iowa

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Track Name: Utopia Park - Please Teach Me
please tell me what to do
teach me how to be
I don't know how to sing
and I knew when I was born
I knew when this was done
I knew we'd go to hell
and teach me how to die
teach me how to die

all that I am
I am with you
I am with you

you taught me my own blood
through the white noise in the walls
the white noise of the flood
when I go out alone
empty in the daylight
you're waiting there at home
to teach me how to die
teach me how die

all that I am
I am with you
I am with you
Track Name: W. Travis - Man On Stage
There's a man on stage, depraved, singing for your dollars and change. He's less than amazing, just OK. You keep your money then get on with your day - riding the car that rides the cable, having drinks and peeling labels, wondering away. From the top of the stairs, you tumble. You were singing that old beggar's song. No body cries when you're dead. They spread a rumor that you haunt the city. Now you're homeless as a seashell. Your bible didn't save you from hell, wondering away. Half of a mile from the burial ground, your mother spun you on a merry-go-round, wondering away. Then the beggar on the corner sees you crying, blows you kisses, takes a bow then disappears.
Track Name: Rock Paper Scissors - Rainy Sunday
and doped up on a real long night
of parties

sunday when when the sky becomes
a misty cloud of doubt
and soggy feelings

why's it always sunday
that's rainy cold and grey
never is a sunday
as cheery as it sounds

our love has died
I walk with you to pass the time
but nothing about you
inspires me like the world map on my wall
or my guide book
especially on these Sundays
when Iowa seems so small

I hide the sides of me that wouldn't
please you so at least you get a little
a little peace of mind
about your investment
so you don't worry
about how I spend my time

tired and hopeless you
try to recommence some kind of progress
but today is Sunday
you're bound to waste your time
and you know tomorrow's
back to the old grind
Track Name: Dalton - Fallen Angel
Never thought I could have you, this way. You're standing right in front of me, I still can't believe. Baby I'm yours, Baby I'm yours. You can steal the flesh right from my bones. Give me the vision....
I want everything. And if I fall, If I fall. If I fall. Don't catch me. I can't believe it's you. Every moment you take, a little piece of me. There's nothing left. Just watch me fade away. And if I fall. If I fall. DON"T CATCH ME! Give me the vision!.....
And if I fall, If I fall, If I fall....don't catch me...Fallen Angel.
Track Name: Trouble - Never Looked Back
There it is I can see your face
This city I will replace
Never hide from it and magnify it, the taste
Looking into the mirror now
Baby you don’t know how hard I’ve been trying
But you see I am laughing now
Something inside I found
No longer underground
Tell myself: Don’t hide, don’t cry

Locking eyes with my reflection now
Something clear beneath my brow
Tells me it’s time, head up high, I am ready now
And you never saw me down
You never heard a sound
Cuz you turned around before I cried

Cuz you never saw me, you never looked back
You just turned and walked away
Cuz you never saw me, you never looked back
You just turned and walked away
Never turn it on, don’t pick up the phone
Don’t come back to me, you will never see
Cuz you never saw me you never looked back
You just turned and walked away

Lines across my heart I cannot erase
Won’t forget surviving is hard to fake
If you think you’re clever don’t lie to yourself
When you find me all better and dancing forever
Streams of light come into the dark night
Sweaty bodies under the strobe light
Keep on changing my farenheit, here till the daylight
Ready for something new

Louder till I’m all alone again, till my mind is blown again
Pushing on till I’m only laughing in my defense
Gonna be so happy when I face you again
Cuz you turned around before I cried


There’s a shadow on the wall
You and me
You turned and walked away

Track Name: Nate Headrick - No Chance of Slowing Me Down
I close my eyes to find a place, where no one seems to see my face. Inside I ride the midnight tide, salty tears to taste. A sign behind a bright black star, for the ones who got this far. A crow upon the midnight road, a horse tearing down its stall. I open up I hear my cry I see all things around me fly. A deal to feel the golden wheel, I'll pay it back in time.

As fast as I'm going there's no chance of slowing me down. My feet are flying me closer to dying somehow.

What I can't anticipate, steadily accelerates. I play the spade at my own grave, crow upon the gate. I turn the key I get inside, holy steeple by my side. Around the sound of rain come down as hard as I could cry.


I bend my blood to move my skin, to move to stir my soul within. The one to gun the midnight run, all over before it's begun.
Track Name: Josie Overmyer - None Of This Had To Happen
My mother she said she had a dream
A week after you died
You called her on the phone and she cried

You said it’s all been a big mistake
Cuz doctors they can make mistakes too

And no one said this would be easy
But I’ve taught myself
To live with this unnerving pain

Of losing your best friend
And knowing there’s no end in sight

And none of this had to happen
But now I see it better than I did

And now I’m losing control over my words
I thought I was more
Put together like you

But all I can hope for
Is a better return on the feelings that I give

And none of this had to happen
But now I see it better than I did
Track Name: Surgery - Corpse
Everyday another soul slips away into the sea of mediocrity.
Every minute another heart gets stolen by their neon promises.
Your loves a corpse, you took my faith and bound me.
Your loves a corpse, there's a light at the end of the night.
They take away the dreams of the lovers and put them in their rotten hope.
They twist the words of one million prayers, leaving us on our knees like broken thieves.
Your loves a corpse, you took my faith and bound me.
Your loves a corpse, there's a light at the end of the night.
Track Name: Coyote Slingshot - Go To The Place Where Everything Sux And Leave Again
You that you're a ghost, but I won't fall for it again
when they come to take you out then I won't believe my eyes.
and It won't mean a thing, when they hang you from the edge.
If you're here to see me win this then I'll point you to the door
Cause You Don't Wanna Be Like Me,
With Bleeding Fingers And Nowhere To Go.
No No No No No No No

When you can't fall asleep with the fireworks outside,
just hold on to counting sheep and don't let them outta Sight.
When they climb in your window, they'll wait until your'e dreaming there's nothing they can take that you'll miss when it's gone.
And if i had a dollar for every regret, I would buy myself a boat to sink down with me.
I would raise up my flag of a face frowning down, I would sink it right on down to the bottom of the sea.

Cause You Don't Wanna Be Like Me,
With Bleeding Fingers And Nowhere To Go.
No No No No No No No
Track Name: David J. Murphy - Human Condition
until birth
she was just a vision of
infinite purity
but every step further
into this world
subtracts a piece of her

the moment cotton touched her skin
we lost a piece of her
this human vortex she fell in
she'll soon forget
just like each one of us did

i see conditions setting in
she's got a name and she's got skin
a voice to hear, a hand to hold
now she's looking us in the eye
instead of the soul

your mother was a wonder don't you know
to pass your soul right through her
and let it got
and i wonder if i'll ever see those
hidden parts of you
but i guess we can't have our God
and feed her too

back to the start of it all
i watch while the angel falls
ignorant to her call
i watch while the angel falls

like leaves from a tree
a river into the sea
Track Name: Taylor Ross - Cedar
Followed the rain
All the way down to the hayed hill
And I felt the shame of thousands of years
Of faded guilt
And I know it’s inane, to reprimand
Your only hand
But I, I

I, I

Cedar on the horizon
Cedar on the horizon
See her on the risin’
See her on the risin’
See her on the risin’
Pleas of the people people people

Followed the rain
all the way down
to the hayed hill